Benefits 24/7 launch has been rescheduled

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In January, 2024, Benefits 24/7 will become the online enrollment system for the SEBB Program. Benefits 24/7 will bring you improved features and an easy-to-use design. Employees and continuation coverage subscribers will use Benefits 24/7 on a computer or mobile device to enroll in and manage benefits throughout the year. This system will replace SEBB My Account.

What’s new?

The name. Benefits 24/7 will look and work similarly to SEBB My Account.

Access. SEBB Continuation Coverage subscribers will have access to manage their benefits year-round.

Improved features. You’ll be able to use Benefits 24/7 to enroll in PEBB retiree coverage or SEBB Continuation Coverage.

When Benefits 24/7 launches in January 2024

We'll let you know when Benefits 24/7 is ready to launch. Your current SEBB My Account login will no longer work once Benefits 24/7 is available. Benefits 24/7 uses SecureAccess Washington (SAW), the state’s secure single-sign-on portal for external users. A SAW account keeps your sensitive information secure. You can also access other government services online with a single user ID and password that you create and manage.

If you already have an account through SEBB My Account that you have used SAW to log in to – good news! You can continue to use that to log in to Benefits 24/7, as long as you’re using the same SAW account.

Learn more

Visit Benefits 24/7 for updates.

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