Benefits 24/7 will be launched in January 2024.

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In January 2024, Benefits 24/7 will become the online enrollment system for the PEBB Program. Benefits 24/7 will bring you improved features and an easy-to-use design. This new system will replace PEBB My Account. Employees, retirees, and continuation coverage subscribers will use Benefits 24/7 on a computer or mobile device to enroll in and manage benefits throughout the year.

Note: Pierce County, Washington State University, and University of Washington employees will continue to use Workday to manage their PEBB benefits.

Easier than paper forms

Are you tired of the inconvenience of filling out and returning paper forms? Benefits 24/7 is a convenient online system you will use to enroll in and make most changes to your benefits. (Paper forms will still be avail­able and are needed for some changes.)

What can I do in Benefits 24/7 when it launches?

Throughout the year you will be able to:

  • Choose health plans when newly eligible, including waiving PEBB medical (for employees)
  • Enroll in retiree coverage or continuation coverage
  • Defer retiree insurance coverage
  • Enroll dependents in PEBB benefits and manage their enrollment throughout the year
  • Upload documents to prove dependents’ eligibility
  • Use links to visit vendor websites to enroll in additional benefits (if eligible), such as supplemental life insurance; accidental death and dismemberment insurance; Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA); Limited Purpose FSA; or Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
  • Manage long-term disability insurance elections (if eligible)
  • Submit special open enrollment requests
  • Select medical and dental plans during open enrollment
  • Attest to premium surcharges
  • View and print your statement of insurance
  • Sign up to receive emails from the PEBB Program

When Benefits 24/7 launches in January 2024

Your current PEBB My Account login will no longer work once Benefits 24/7 is available. You will need to create a new login for Benefits 24/7, using SecureAccess Washington (SAW), the state’s secure single-sign-on portal for external users. A SAW account will keep your sensitive information secure. You can also access other government services online with a single user ID and password that you create and manage.

If you already have a SAW account, you don’t need to create a new one.

Learn more

Visit Benefits 24/7 for updates.

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